29. Oktober 2019


For those who need a reminder to make every day count.

I regret to inform you that sometime in the next twenty-four hours you'll be meeting an untimely death. And while there isn't anything we can do to suspend that, you still have a chance to live. / 6

I guess what I'll miss most are the wasted opportunities to live my life and the lost potential to make great friends with everyone I sat next to for four years. I'll miss how we never got to bond over sleepovers where everyone stayed up and played Xbox Infinity and board games all night, all because I was too scared. / 9

I wasted all those yesterdays and am completely out of tomorrows. / 10

"I know no one's living forever, but you should live longer than others. You matter more than other people."
"I'm dying!" I interrupt. "I'm dying and we can't trade lives." / 60

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. - Oscar Wilde
She doesn't just tell people they're dying. She gives them a chance to really live.
But she can't live for them. That's on them. / 84

Too bad life doesn't allow us to turn its gears, like a clock. / 117

Sometimes the truth is a secret you're keeping from yourself because living a lie is easier. / 118

You shouldn't donate to charity, help the elderly across the street, or rescue puppies in the hopes you'll be repaid later. I may not be able to cure cancer or end world hunger, but small kindnesses go a long way. / 126

How do you tell your best friend you won't be around tomorrow?
How do you convince her to let you leave so you have a chance of living before you die? / 135

It wasn't my fault I got to keep living, and it wasn't her fault she was dying. / 175

We never act. Only react once we realize the clock is ticking. / 194
I only care about people who wanna be in my life. / 197
I wish I was brave enough to have traveled. Now that I don't have time to go anywhere, I want to go everywhere. I want to climb every last mountain, row down every last river, explore every last cave, cross every las bridge, run across every last beach, visit every last town, city, country. Everywhere. I should've done more than watch documentaries and video blogs about these places. / 205

Twelve hours ago I received a phone call telling me I'm going to die today, and I'm more alive now than I was then. / 227

Love is a superpower we all have, but it's not always a superpower you are able to control. Sometimes it'll go crazy. / 239

I'm pissed off because there's so much I'll never get to have. / 254

There has to be more to life than imagining a future for yourself.
I can't just wish for the future; I have to take risks to create it. / 266

Life isn't meant to be lived alone. / 270

She throws her arms around me and squeezes, almost as if she herself has pulled me out of a sinking car, or caught me after I've fallen out of a crashing plane. She says everything in this hug - every thank-you, every I-love-you, every apology. / 278

You don't need matching DNA for someone to be your brother.
And you definitely don't need the same blood to lose a part of yourself when someone dies. / 291

You didn't just keep me alive, you made me live. / 345

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