29. Oktober 2017


"I'd much rather party with dogs." / S.12

"After everything that's happened, you're allowed to fall apart; your parents are both surgeons. We'll be here to put you back together if needed." / S.28

"You know how people are. Tragedies like this remind us how little control we have over our lives. Giving a gift makes people feel better." / S. 32

"My mom sat me down before I even got a drivers licence and told me that she realized kids drink sometimes, and that if I was ever anywhere and needed a ride home she would come get me, no questions asked. I know that must have been hard for her - she's not a no-questions-asked kind of person. If only Freeman had called someone." / S. 49

"After Dallas became famous, I realized that our words were no longer our own unless we protected them." / S. 79

"Well, if you're going to hold it over my head forever, then you should just break up with me. I screwed up and I hurt you. I will always regret that. But I won't spend the rest of my life being punished for one mistake, no matter how big it was." / S. 81

"My dad says, that just because something is really hard doesn't mean I shouldn't do it." / S. 197

"I wish I wasn't an atheist. I want to believe there's something more. I want to believe there's someone listening. Someone with the knowledge to guide me. Someone with the power to forgive." / S. 204

"Plans are great but they should never make you feel trapped." / S. 256

"I was lying. But you didn't see it because you were young and you thought I was better than I am. You gave me the benefit of the doubt and I betrayed that trust. I just didn't want you to be disappointed in me." / S. 258

"Where does seeking justice end and seeking vengeance begin?" / S. 272

"People think their anger is righteous and justified, but they can't see beyond their target to all of the other innocent people they are also hurting." / S. 277

"I won't leave."
"How can you make that kind of promise?"
"Because I'm not perfect. I don't expect my friends to be perfect either."
"But what if I did something terrible?"
"Maybe you did do something terrible, but that doesn't make you terrible, okay? I've done bad things, but I don't think I'm a bad person." / S. 292

"I don't want to fix a lie with another lie." / S.298

"I wish I had listened, really listened, instead of just encouraging her to keep going. Then maybe I would have seen she was in actual trouble, that she was reaching out to me." / S. 300

"You did the wrong thing. But now you're doint the right thing. We can't define people by their worst actions, you know?" / S. 313

"Nobody deserves to get hit." / S. 320

"I understand more than most people how fear can push you into bad decisions." / S. 333

"I felt like - feel like, maybe - I have to earn the love of people around me. So I hide a lot of my imperfections." / S. 341

"Probably, I'm trying not to go down those 'what if?' rabbit holes anymore, because they're long and dark and they dever end. I made decisions. Those choices had horrible consequences, but I can't go back in time." / S. 356

"Some people just want to be part of the story, even if it's a story that's completely fabricated." / S. 359

"You're just one tiny voice in a huge ocean. But the thing about tiny voices s that when they band togther they can be incredibly loud. Uncomfortably loud. Sometimes that's a good thing - a strong thing. A group of voices can wake people up to the truth. But a group of voices can be a bad thing too, because we're not always right. Or even when we are right, sometimes the things we do to each other still aren't okay." / S. 362

"Sometimes we jump to conclusions, we point fingers at people, because it seems fun or makes us feel like part of something. Maybe we do it because we feel angry or powerless and it gives us the illusion of control. But we don't thing about how it feels to be on the other side of those fingers. We don't think about what it's like when you just need a few minutes of peace and everywhere you look people are judging you. We don't think about what it would be like if you just needed a reason to keep going and instead you got a bunch of reasons why you should go die." / S. 362

"It's easy to get hurt, just like it's easy to hurt other people." / S. 367

"I know there are some people who will say whatever they want whenever they want to say it regardless of the consequences, and that's their right. But I also know there are people who might rethink a comment or tweet if they knew it would push a struggling person closer to the edge, or cause harm to innocent bystanders." / Author's note

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